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  1. Nice work… I am interested in what you have done using this kinaqmatic translation from envoronment to prespective view. However this is not a ‘true hologram’, but a really convincing and clever optical illusion.

    I would like to experiment with this technology a bit for use with XBOX Live Games, specifficly the new XBL Companion Technology for use with XBOX 360. My first general goal is build a 3D Controller XBOX 360 Controller; which is actually the Win 7.5 Phone. This will serve as a base product for this line of vendor driven custom skinable controller devices which are more like handheld componets of the live game which respond to user input.

    I have not seen any portals for developers or licensing this thecnology. That is suprising…. If there isa way to license this andfind if this approach will work for the majority of use cases. Which will trun out genorious for you if many vendors are paying license royalties back to you, and myself.

    Let me know what you think! I found your link while starting my Kinematics XBox Live background R&D. I have a inquary to XBL Team about there hardware and software use of Kinematic Technology…. As I would like to release a line of Kinamtic Smartpones! Then you would have the ability to see people in Holographic 3D!


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