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If you are being directed here from an expiration warning, please go pick up the latest version from the main thread below.
Go here to check out the latest details and discussion: https://developer.oculusvr.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=299

‘OculusOverlay’ provides is a high performance way to pipe any content from your desktop into your Oculus Rift. It works for any 3D and 2D content and now has tons of great features.

Feature List:
– Use your mouse to easily select any region of your desktop to push into the Rift
– Supports any 3D game or other content that is rendered on the desktop
– Supports 3D Side by Side and Cross Eye content
– Create a ‘virtual Rift desktop’ by using 2D duplication mode
– Supports all full and half height content (most often used in watching videos off YouTube)
– Show/hide mouse for any depending on your needs
– Customize your Oculus experience with full zoom, convergence/parallax and distortion adjustment for any scenario
– Save your adjusted settings on demand
– Take a screenshot of your ‘Rifted’ experience (let’s you take non Rift content and share the Rift view with anyone)


6 thoughts on “Oculus

  1. This is really really cool! Be sure to let Bruce Cymatic on youtube know about your program as he has promised to play Amnesia! In the dev forum you said you could get the latency down to around 5ms, but what about windows 7 users? I guess I finally have a reason to upgrade! Also, one very important question: could this ever be used to create a triple monitor setup in VR? I don’t have a rift, just an interested enthusiast that cannot wait until 2014. If possible, you might one day project the image from games onto a curved monitor….but I am thinking this is way, way into the future. Sounds like a lot of overhead, but I dunno. Maybe not.

    One last thing: thanks! I hope you either make lots of money out of this or make a ton of friends.

  2. Just tried your overlay in combination with the TriDef Ignition driver set to side-by-side mode. This really works nice but I faced one problem: In the 3D side-by-side mode the game ouput is compressed horizontally by factor 2 and a HDTV would normally stretch both views horizontally by factor 2 to get the original aspect ratio. The OculusOverlay does not stretch the 2 views, so the result in the oculs is a view that is still compressed horizotally by factor 2.
    Did I miss something? Is there an option the stretch the 2 views to double the horizontal extension to get the correct aspect ratio?

    • Hey Nobsi, great feedback. Previously I’d just been using ‘full width’ 3D content to test it, but your post helped me realize what you mean about half-width content being used and the aspect ratio problem. I just coded up a fix and I’ll try to release it in the next day or so.

  3. That is great news. I will test your new version then and give you feedback. This tool is fantastic to use the TriDef 3D driver with the Oculus Rift, as (currently) there is no official support from TriDef for the HMD.

  4. Hey, downloaded the newest version, 9.0, but it dosent run and redirects me to this website, saying the Developer preview has expired, and then the window comes up momentarily but then crashes. Some others are experiencing this problem on the forum and we’d appreciate it if you checked it out.

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