Free 3D Glasses

If you’re ready to try out 3D and need a single pair of 3D glasses, I’ve found there are a few different ways to get free 3D glasses.  Good luck, YMMV.

Option 1: Get Free 3D glasses shipped directly to you online

  1. Go to:
  2. Fill in the info, check the policy and submit

Option 2: Send a SASE(Self Addressed Stamped Envelope) to AmericanPaper optics

American Paper Optics that will send you one free pair of glasses if you mail them a self addressed stamped envelope!

  1. Go to:

Send American Paper optics a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope “SASE” ($0.45 US)

American Paper Optics, LLC
2995 Appling Road, Suite 106
Bartlett, TN 38133 USA
Attn: Free 3D Glasses

Make sure you put the SASE inside the envelope you are sending to us (without sealing) or we will not be able to send the glasses


2 thoughts on “Free 3D Glasses

  1. Thank you, it’s about time window phone has cool apps! I am sick of every store telling me I can’t download, because I need flash player! Or Android. And Apple is way up there in price. So I say great job! And hope windows keeps the cool things coming.

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