HoloPhone3D v1.8 HoloSketch (Windows Phone 7) 
HoloPhone3D  adds an amazing ‘Holographic’ drawing experience and stereoscopic 3D

HoloPhone3D v1.6 Holiday SnowGlobe (Windows Phone 7)
Get the update today and experience the magic of a winter wonderland inside your Windows Phone!

HoloPhone3D v1.5 Release trailer (Windows Phone 7)
The wait is over! The new release is out, download it for FREE today! HoloPhone3D v1.5

HoloPhone3D v1.5 Update teaser trailer!

Experience the new HoloPhone 3D v1teaser trailer!

HoloPhone 3D v1 official release trailer


9 thoughts on “Videos

    • Michael – I just discovered that I needed to specify a separate option to deploy it for ‘Worldwide distribution’ – this was a new option just added to the app store. I’ve gone ahead and done that and I’ll let you know as soon as I get confirmation that you can download it -hopefully within in the next day or so. Thanks so much for your interest and feedback.

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    • Hey, thanks so much for the kind words – I’m glad you like HoloPhone3D! If you have feedback for other things that you might like to see in HoloPhone3D, let me know – I’m always looking for cool stuff to do.:)

  3. Really looking forward to this being incorporated in phones! I was initially blown away when I saw similar technology used to record video footage and playback on a camcorder, but didn’t think the hardware would fit into a phone size space! Is your concept copyright or are other developers able to use similar methods? I really think this technology will become big! Congrats on getting the ball rolling for a new milestone in phone history. I can’t wait to see this in action and how it will evolve over time!!

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