HoloPhone3D v1.8 – Get ready for an all new ‘Holographic’ drawing experience and stereoscopic 3D

HoloPhone 3D is a unique 3D hologram experience for Windows Phone – unlike anything else you’ll see in the Marketplace today.
The new update is out, download it for FREE today! HoloPhone3D v1.8

New in Update v1.8:

Get ready to turn your 2D drawings into amazing 3D holograms with HoloSketch! HoloSketch even lets you save and share your amazing art work with your friends!
Also included:
– Stereoscopic 3D mode for all holograms
– See holograms in Pop-Out or Pop-In 3D
– Supports rendering up to 60fps*
– Instant response with Gyro sensors*
– Full Mango support, fast resume, etc
– Includes instructions on how to get FREE 3D glasses

*requires newer Mango device with hardware updates


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