HoloPhone3D certified ‘HotApp’ by Channel9!

Channel9’s HotApps weekly video blog – reviewing all the hottest WP7 titles – just reviewed HoloPhone3D as a certified ‘HotApp’!

Click the link to watch the video: http://channel9.msdn.com/Shows/Hot-Apps/Hot-Apps-Cro-Mag-Rally-Numerix-Wild-West-Activity-Roulette-HoloPhone-3D

The HoloPhone review starts at 1:47


HoloPhone3D is now the #1 Entertainment app in 11 markets

I’m excited to announce that HoloPhone3D is now a #1 top Entertainment app in 11 markets worldwide. In addition to top downloads globally, HoloPhone3D has been receiving consistently high review scores across the board!