SnowGlobe3D released – FREE w/ no Ads – get it today!

Just released today! 100% Free with NO Ads and available only for a very limited time. SnowGlobe 3D is an amazing interactive holiday snow globe hologram app unlike anything else on the Marketplace.

The holiday season is upon us and to celebrate we’ve released a FREE version of the highly acclaimed ‘Holiday SnowGlobe’ from HoloPhone3D. Check out the video! Inside the hologram you’ll find a warm fire-lit house on a cold winter’s night – ready for the holidays with a tree to celebrate. If you’re looking for a reason to bust out your Windows Phone and show it off at all those holiday parties, use this hologram as a great ice breaker! Get it today because it’ll soon be leaving the Marketplace forever.

You can play with the snow globe in 3 cool ways:

  1. Shake for snow – the more you shake, the more it snows
  2. Swipe for wind – add gusts of wind to make the snow dance
  3. Tap for lights – turn on and off the holiday tree lights

I hope everyone enjoys this application and has a wonderful Holiday!